Leveraging Owned Channels for SMS Marketing with Wunderkind

Wunderkind is a proud sponsor of eTail Connect, the invite-only virtual event for senior eCommerce and digital marketing leaders. During an exclusive fireside chat, we sat down with Amanda Nelson, VP of eCommerce at Corkcicle and former director at Nike. Amanda shared how Wunderkind is empowering Corkcicle to fully leverage their owned channels, like email and sms marketing, to generate 294% growth year-over-year.

Founded ten years ago, Corkcicle has its roots in retail and has been focused on DTC for the past two years. Read on to discover actionable insights for DTC brands and retailers looking to drive revenue with diverse channels., which is uUnleash the power of your owned channels and build a high-growth email and sms message marketing program.

The Importance of Owned Channels

With COVID, incoming iOS 14 privacy restrictions, and the digital landscape becoming more competitive, it’s not an easy time to be a marketer. In light of these challenges, brands are turning to their owned channels to drive business performance.

Amanda revealed that leveraging owned channels is the preferred way for Corkcicle to engage with their current customers as well as nurture potential new ones. Their main focus is on sms marketing, triggered email, and regular email, with email generating 12.69% of their total revenue.

The pandemic forced Corkcicle to be highly nimble and agile in order to adapt to changing customer mindsets. Amanda’s approach is to engage consumers in the right way, at the right moment. Whether a consumer prefers to receive an email or text message—the point is to be there for them when they need it.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Text message marketing has become top of mind for many marketers over the past few years.  At Wunderkind, we’ve seen this trend reflected in the fact that we’ve been able to exponentially grow our text messaging portfolio, with Corkcicle being one of the first to sign up.

Developing a text marketing program turned out to be a highly profitable move for the brand. After only one year, text messages already drive 8.31% of revenue for Corkcicle. So, what are the benefits of sms marketing?

First, the average open rate for a text message marketing campaign is almost 100%. Text messages are rarely left unread, which makes the channel an ideal opportunity for brands to get in front of their consumers and prompt quick action.

Amanda explained that consumers tend to engage with brands they really care about via text messaging. Unlike email, which users can check at their convenience, a text message pops up right away. This provides brands with a highly direct and personal way to engage with their customers. However, as text messaging is so intimate, brands need the right strategy and valuable content to avoid irritating consumers.

Building A Successful SMS Marketing Strategy

Amanda shared valuable insights on how to be successful with text message marketing, based on her experience partnering with Wunderkind to build a highly profitable text message program through their owned channels.

  1. Timeliness. Text messaging needs to be relevant and time-bound, such as an early launch, marketing event or back-in-stock message.
  2. Frequency.  As text messages feel personal, it is important not to overwhelm your customers with too many messages. Corkcicle usually sends 1-3 messages per week, although it depends on how much content is available.
  3. Planning. Brands need a comprehensive communication plan in place to support their text message programs. Sending fewer, high-quality text messages is more likely to have the desired impact.
  4. Relevance. Corkcicle aims to send concise, conversational messages with an attractive offer or promotion.
  5. Creative. While text messaging is a simple communication channel, marketers can incorporate MMS and GIFs to add creative flair and boost high-priority campaigns.

Corkcicle kicked off their text message program by reaching out to current customers on their emailing list, which quickly led to significant growth. Having maximized the potential in this area, the brand is now focused on acquiring new customers and getting them to opt in to text messaging. The channel continues to drive sustained growth for the brand, growing by 25% last quarter and showing no signs of slowing down.

Corkcicle is now working with Wunderkind to test different opt-in strategies and determine where consumers prefer to receive marketing communication. The brand’s current goal is to grow both channels in parallel at a high rate. Their strategic partnership with Wunderkind will continue to play a key role in truly taking ownership of their owned channels.

Interested in Learning More About How Owned Channels Drive Growth?

eCommerce and online shopping have experienced explosive growth recently, leading to an oversaturation across the web. Forward-thinking marketers are moving away from pricey, competition-dependent channels like paid search and display and are doubling down on what they can own, control, and take action on—leveraging their owned-channel marketing efforts.

Wunderkind is on a mission to unleash the extraordinary power of individuality, where “web traffic” becomes living, breathing customers whose wants and needs can be met with unique experiences. Grab your copy of our free guide to see how fashion & intimates brand Felina was able to drive over 26% of their digital revenue with Wunderkind Text & Email or request a personalized demo today to find out how much revenue you could be making by leveraging your owned channels with Wunderkind.


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