Introducing Smart Sender from Wunderkind

Channel competition has made it harder than ever to acquire and retain customers. More and more advertisers are flocking to buy the same ad space and reach the same amount of users online. Because of this, third-party platforms are becoming more expensive, more saturated, and overall less effective at driving the sales they once did. But that’s not the case with owned-channels like text message marketing. While there are a few text message marketing vendors in the space, not all are built the same. The majority of vendors mass send texts to customers as soon as they can be delivered, not taking into account if the customer wants to be texted at that time—enter Smart Sender.

What is Smart Sender?

Smart Sender, our latest Wunderkind product release, is a new text messaging feature that uses onsite behavior to send individual customers texts based on when they’re most likely to buy. 

With other text messaging platforms, text campaigns can only be sent at a set time. This means marketers spend too much energy worrying about send times, and they leave revenue on the table by not delivering one-to-one experiences. Smart Sender takes the guesswork out of when to send text messages. Marketers can deliver texts to individuals when they personally shop, instead of all at once, increasing click rate and revenue while saving you time.

Smart Sender also helps marketers create more compliant text message campaigns that offer better experiences for their customers. Per the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), all advertisers should avoid text message marketing sends between 9PM-9AM. With Smart Sender’s Quiet Hours functionality, you can ensure that no texts go out during this timeframe. But what if someone is browsing the site during this time? Not a problem. Through Smart Sender you can also set a Default Time during the day—automatically sending a message out to anyone who browsed at a time when text messages shouldn’t be sent.

Smart Sender is a powerful way to send messages to your customers during the times they’re most likely to shop on your site. But there are a couple instances where you should send texts to your audience that aren’t triggered. The first is if you have a new release that might sell out. Send everyone a text so that they all have a fair shot or use it as a way to show loyalty to your best customers by texting them about it first. The second is if you have a sale that might be ending soon. Don’t wait until customers are ready to buy because they could miss out on the great deals you have to offer.

If you’d like to learn more about the power of text marketing, you can read our guide here, or speak to one of our text experts.


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