Introducing WunderKIND Ads

We’ve all been there. Immediately upon entering a website, your screen is littered with ads and pop-ups, blocking the content you came for. You’re instantly annoyed. You decide to leave the publisher’s site, plagued with frustration because those $#&*! ads spoiled your experience. 

This is a major problem for users, publishers, and advertisers. What if there was a better way to serve ads — one that prioritized the needs and interests of everyone involved? 

Enter: WunderKIND Ads. 

The Birth of a Kinder Ad Experience

While Wunderkind is now the leading industry expert in user experience, we once came on the scene as visionaries. We had a simple idea: What if a website knew when a user was leaving? It sounds quaint now, but we built, patented and launched the first Exit Intent overlay and began helping hundreds of leading retailers and publishers grow their lists.

As our client base grew and our products and services evolved, we applied this innovative mindset to develop features that would drive new streams of revenue for our clients. When our ads product launched in 2017, we set out to create non-intrusive, impactful programmatic ads that performed. The notion of prioritizing publisher content and the reader’s experience as they engaged with it was unheard of at the time. 

We decided to name our product something literal to ensure the impact wasn’t lost in translation. With such a unique approach we needed to go to market with a straightforward epithet — and so we went with “Post-Content Ads.”

Prioritizing publisher content over ad content was totally new to advertisers, publishers, and users. Naturally, this was met with skepticism. With user experience at the heart of Post-Content Ads, advertisers were unsure if it would perform and publishers weren’t convinced it would be profitable. Much to our satisfaction, after delivering hundreds of high performing campaigns, the value of Post-Content Ads was evident across the marketplace. 

The Wunderkind Difference

What sets us apart is our commitment to treating all parties kindly — publishers, customers, and advertisers. Our ads don’t detract from the publisher’s content, nor do they disrupt the user experience. With our value proven, and in the spirit of our pioneering attitude, we decided we needed a name that more closely aligned with our value, and thus  WunderKIND Ads was born. 

The WunderKIND Ads experience is a respectful and brand-safe user experience that is kind to all involved. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. Our advertisers have exclusive access to 300+ top publishing partners in Wunderkind’s premium marketplace, and our emphasis on user experience has led to consistent, qualified engagement. As a result, our inventory delivers high CPMs to publisher partners who receive unique premium demand through our relationships with media buyers across 250+ brands.  

When we detect a disengagement behavior, we’re able to shift or overlay the site to create impactful, non-intrusive, and kind ad inventory. We track behaviors such as scroll gestures and cursor movements to ensure that we deliver ads to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. By approaching users at the right time, our highly-viewable ad placements can generate upper-funnel brand awareness in addition to mid and lower-funnel performance. 

The results speak for themselves; WunderKIND Ads deliver an unparalleled user-first ad experience. Our engagement metrics are impressive, with a .68% engagement rate, which over-indexes the display benchmark of .13%, and 79% viewability, which over-indexes the display benchmark of 61%. Qualified traffic has seen a 31% lift in engagement, and our attention to quality performance of 34.79% far surpasses the industry benchmark of 28.7%.

Our WunderKIND Ads team is dedicated to providing a white glove service by doing the heavy lifting so that our clients can focus on what they do best. WunderKIND Ads is easy to use, with no platform or contracts required, making it a simple and seamless addition to a brand’s existing tech stack. All WunderKIND Ads inventory is available in a true programmatic fashion through any DSP in a biddable and unreserved manner.

WunderKIND Ads provide more than just a private marketplace. We are committed to delivering a premium experience that prioritizes user experience, publisher content, and brand sensitivity. With our exclusive publisher inventory and dedication to providing a kind and impactful ad experience, WunderKIND Ads is the optimal solution to get results. 

Want to learn more? Our Kindness In Advertising report assesses consumer sentiment around ads and establishes how advertisers and publishers can create a user-first ad experience moving forward. Download it here.


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Sophie Bymark

Sophie Bymark is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Wunderkind, primarily focusing on our Advertising, Publisher SaaS, and Identity products. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, with an established track record in digital product-facing roles. Sophie enables the success of the Product, Sales, and Customer Success teams by conducting extensive competitive research, developing effective messaging and positioning, and creating compelling marketing materials.