Move Over Google: Meet The Most Electric Office in NYC

Wunderkind reimagines the modern office, moves into one-of-a-kind space in One World Trade Center.

New York, New York – On June 3, marketing technology leader, Wunderkind, moved into the tallest building in the United States, the iconic One World Trade Center. The 79,118-SF office was built in partnership with world-renowned architecture and design firm Gensler.

Walking out of the elevator bank, employees and guests are met with sweeping panoramic views of the New York City skyline. There are no bad seats, as every employee is offered a floor-to-ceiling view of one of the world’s premier cities.

“It’s hard to even comprehend this office without seeing it in person. The entire design was based on the idea that there are no rules except that it can never have been done before,” Wunderkind CEO Ryan Urban explained. “We built the first oasis in the sky, smack in the middle of the concrete jungle. This is truly one of the best offices in the world and definitely the first of its kind.”

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In creating the design with Gensler, Urban knew he wanted an office unlike any other in the city.

“There’s been very little disruption in classic office design in decades. We wanted to start from zero and completely rebuild the office template with utility in mind.”

This flipped script included eschewing a cold reception area for a café reception that seamlessly integrates into the flow of the office and comes complete with draft lattes, cold brew, rosé and beer on tap.

Wunderkind’s new home features alternating densities between areas that are meant for congregation and collaboration versus those meant for meetings and individual work. For instance, the atrium, a double-height space featuring a cut-out ceiling between the two floors, is open and airy. It has no doors, even on meeting spaces, so employees can see people working with no separation. The conference room area, on the other hand, has been deemed The Catacombs because of its dense design featuring 35+ enclosed spaces on both sides of the hallway.

“We started with function first,” said Urban. “Every area was designed with its intended purpose in mind and to channel its energy in the best way.”

Still, no two spaces in the office are exactly alike. This design spectrum was Wunderkind’s way of acknowledging that every employee is different and has a unique way of working. Urban wanted each Wunderkind employee, current and future, to be able to find a home in the office.

Wunderkind’s office was also built with inclusion in mind, so it features gender neutral, accessible bathrooms, a play area for employees’ children, greenery and no hierarchical spaces.

Every employee within the 400-person company had the unique opportunity to be involved in the design of their new home. The company utilized focus groups, surveys, industry research, visioning sessions and other best-in-class design thinking strategies to build an office space unlike any other.

“Our new office isn’t just a place to work; it’s a direct reflection of who we are,” CEO Ryan Urban said. “When an employee steps off the elevator, the first thing they see is one of our core values, ‘Come Hungry,’ displayed across the ceiling in neon lights. The space represents the evolution of our culture over the years balanced with the traditions that are so integral to the genetics of our company.”

About Wunderkind

Wunderkind is an international marketing technology solution that brings a “logged-in” experience to logged-out website visitors across all their devices. A category leader in device identity resolution, Wunderkind helps companies like Uniqlo, HelloFresh and Tribune Interactive orchestrate real-time, multichannel marketing programs customized for the individual behind each device. They’re best known for their impact on triggered email performance and website personalization.

Having raised over $44.9 million in funding from proven firms like Battery Ventures, Cross Creek Advisors and Primary Ventures, Wunderkind was named the Fastest Growing Software Company in America by Inc Magazine. With headquarters in New York and London, Wunderkind has been recognized by Glassdoor and Crain’s for its exceptional culture and being one of the top places to work in the country. The company recently signed both the White House Equal Pay Pledge and the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Pledge and continues to set the bar as a pioneer in technology innovation and workplace inclusion initiatives.



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