Online Travel Agencies Need to Beat the Cookie

OTAs must do a better job identifying customers

It’s no secret that travelers are a flighty bunch (excuse the pun). As it stands, the cart abandonment rate for the travel industry is 81.7 percent, according to data from Fullestop.

This can be a difficult hurdle for travel companies –– and online travel agencies (OTAs) in particular –– to overcome. But it also presents a real opportunity: How can travel companies capitalize on this massive chunk of people who came to the site with full intention to purchase, but didn’t end up booking?

To start, let’s look at why an abandoned checkout flow is so detrimental to OTAs. Once an OTA has spent major marketing budget getting a shopper to site, it often doesn’t know who the person behind the visit actually is. This means they’re leaving a huge slab of revenue on the table.


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