What’s New with Wunderkind Text

New releases to help you connect with your customers in more meaningful ways

Struggling to connect with your customers in meaningful ways that resonate?

With the holiday season just around the corner, Wunderkind is taking this opportunity to share a round-up of exciting new Text products and features that will empower you to engage with your audience more effectively than ever before—just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are six new features that will make your life easier, and your customers happier. 

1. Automatically generate text copy with AI

When you’re responsible for crafting engaging on-demand texts for a number of campaigns and segments—each with their own unique goals—chances are you’ve run into writer’s block before. 

Wunderkind is thoughtfully tapping into the power of AI to combat operational inefficiencies with an initiative called WunderkindAI. Our first foray into this initiative is On-Demand Text Messages with WunderkindAI, which allows brands to generate on-demand text copy within seconds using an AI integration right within Connect, Wunderkind’s Text campaign-build platform. 

All it takes to create text messages that are tailored to each campaign goal is pasting a landing page link, choosing a language, and inputting a prompt (i.e., 20% off, limited time offer, new release, etc.) – the AI generator does the rest! 

2. Drive conversions with enhanced text modules

We’ve made product improvements that are helping us scale the performance of our Catalog Text series and Category Recap texts. 

Catalog Texts are automatically triggered when an item’s price or quantity crosses a certain threshold in your product feed. The three series included in Catalog Text are:

  • Low in Stock: Highlights ‘about to sell out’ items
  • Back in Stock: Highlights ‘restocked’ items
  • Price Drop : Highlights ‘markdown’ or ‘sale’ items

While abandonment texts are a great way to retarget users, Catalog Texts can reach users weeks or even months after they’ve visited your website, offering a great way to re-engage bygone site visitors and scale your capacity to send personalized messages and increase conversions.

Category Recap Texts are messages sent when a subscriber views a category page on a brand’s website (i.e., women’s shoes) and abandons before taking action. These messages are a great way to incentivize subscribers early in their purchase journey and drive them further down the funnel to conversion. Given that many of our high-impact on-demand strategies drive users to category pages (category sales, new launches, bestsellers, etc.), Category Recap texts are also a great way to capitalize on that inbound traffic and follow up with anyone who doesn’t convert.

Both modules re-engage visitors, bring them back to site, and work to drive users down the conversion funnel.

3. Connect directly with your subscribers

Text is an inherently conversational channel. Even more so than email, we are used to engaging directly with the person on the other side. With Two-Way Messaging, your support team can respond directly to your customer’s messages in their mobile messaging apps, ensuring their needs are met with the personal touch they expect. 

Working with Zendesk and Gorgias, Two-Way Messaging can quickly become a new customer service channel for your support teams. 

4. Unlock new customer relationships across the globe

Wunderkind is going global so you can deliver the unmatched performance you’ve seen in more places where your brand operates. The most recent stop on Wunderkind Text’s world tour? Canada!

Texting in Canada requires compliance with strict regulations. With Wunderkind, you can rest assured our text program and best practices have got you covered as you enter this new region. With multi-language support and Advanced Language Detection (ALD) – which takes the manual guesswork of language choice out of your hands – you can connect with your subscribers in their preferred language; the foundation that sets the precedent for further geographic expansion to come. 

Looking to scale your text program into Canada? Reach out to your Wunderkind point of contact to help you get started. Have a different region you’d like to text? Get in touch. Our goal is to help your brand grow and develop relationships with your customers, no matter where they are. We are thrilled to now support Text in all of North America and the UK!  

5. Invite new subscribers to add your contact

With more brands investing in text message marketing than ever, consumers are more likely to receive several marketing texts from different brands every day. To increase your brand’s visibility and continue driving revenue and engagement through this channel, you’ll want to break through the noise of other senders and make your brand name known with Contact Cards. 

We are expanding our Contact Card offering so that you can now invite mobile subscribers to add your brand’s phone number as a contact during your welcome flow. As Welcome Messages are the first touch point you have with new subscribers, it’s the natural time to encourage them to add your contact so that they will know a text is from you the moment they receive it and will continue to engage with your messages in the future. 

6. Offer dynamic coupons via text

​​The same dynamic coupon code functionality you are used to for Email is now available for Behavioral and On-Demand Texts. Now, you can offer one-time use coupon codes that are unique to each user (i.e., AKD12CS) via your text channel. These coupons will be tied to a  phone number and will persist across Text to Onsite, meaning a user will be retargeted with the same code via Text and Onsite until there is a conversion event.

We are excited to bring you these powerful new features, designed to help you deliver exceptional experiences to your customers. As always, your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you are new to Wunderkind Text, contact us to get started. If you are already a Wunderkind Text customer, reach out to your point of contact for more information. Thank you for choosing Wunderkind to power your messaging efforts and stay tuned for more Text updates and enhancements to come.


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Molly Shuttlesworth

Molly is a product marketing manager at Wunderkind where she owns the release of new Wunderkind Email, Text, and Onsite products and features. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Northeastern University, with a minor in Math. Molly has worked in tech for the entirety of her career, gravitating towards roles that allow her to be a part of product journeys from ideation to launch and flex her creative and analytical brain.