Wunderkind and Klarna Team Up to Scale Flexible Shopping Experiences

As part of our mission to drive undeniable performance, Wunderkind has partnered with Klarna, a global payment solutions provider offering unparalleled flexibility. Harnessing Wunderkind’s ability to personalize shopping experiences at scale, the partnership with Klarna will empower brands to showcase their more flexible payment options and drive significant eCommerce growth. Read on to learn more about Klarna and how our partnership can help you boost conversions and customer loyalty.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Klarna is Europe’s highest valued private fintech company and the second highest worldwide. Klarna provides secure and transparent direct payment solutions along with flexible post-purchase payment options for online store fronts. Processing two million transactions per day and working with 400,000 merchants in 17 core markets around the globe, Klarna makes shopping experiences smoother and aims to be the world’s favorite way to shop.

Discover Highly Flexible Shopping Experiences

Klarna enables brands to provide hyper-flexible “buy now, pay later” payment options that encourage users to convert and drive significant revenue for merchants. For instance, users can split the cost of their purchases into four interest-free payment, due every two weeks with no interest. Alternatively, users can pay in full after 30 days, benefiting from the opportunity to try before they buy. This gives customers the flexibility to shop how they want, when they want.

Michael Osborne, President at Wunderkind, stated, “Wunderkind identification technology drives unmatched scale for high-performing triggered emails. Now, with Klarna, merchants can pair that scale with messaging around flexible payment options, keeping their triggers relevant and highlighting their brand value prop with no added workflows. Together, Wunderkind scales personalized triggers, while Klarna messaging keeps customers centered on the easiest way to shop.”

Benefits of the Wunderkind and Klarna Integration for eCommerce Partners

Let’s explore some of the key benefits Wunderkind clients can look forward to. By teaming up, we’re giving marketers and eCommerce brands the ability to:

1. Increase Revenue from Wunderkind Triggered Emails

Wunderkind technology makes one-to-one messaging at scale possible. Brands can automatically send customers personalized messages via text and email when they abandon their cart, when their viewed item goes on sale, or when their favorite product comes back in stock.

Now with Klarna, these triggered messages can also highlight flexible and secure payment options. By promoting flexible payment options among high-intent shoppers, Wunderkind clients can expect to generate even more conversions and Revenue per Send.

2. Retarget Price-Sensitive Shoppers More Effectively

49% of consumers who abandon their carts cite high extra costs as their primary reason. Klarna’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” solution allows customers to purchase an item for a small dollar amount, and then in installments until the value is paid. This is helpful for customers who may not be able to make the full purchase upfront.

Flexibility is key for capturing certain customer groups. With Klarna, brands can capture users who may have been hesitant to convert based on an item’s price. Wunderkind helps highlight the “Buy Now Pay Later” option with personalized messages at scale. Personalized triggers from Wunderkind via email or text will help the flexible payment options stand out to consumers who might have missed it on the website or during the checkout process.

3. Drive Customer Loyalty

Brands that make it easy, straightforward and safe to shop with them are the go-to choice for customers. In a world where eCommerce competition is fierce, smooth shopping experiences are an excellent opportunity to stand out. Saving customers time during check out and giving them the flexibility to pay after purchase are smart ways to keep your customers coming back time and time again, driving loyalty and boosting the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Ready to Drive eCommerce Growth?

Klarna is popular across all industries, including fashion, electronics, beauty and home and is the go-to payment solution for top brands including H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Shein and Adidas. Now, with the Wunderkind partnership, our two solutions will drive increased conversions, higher Average Order Value (AOV), and loyal customers.

Wunderkind generates $2.8 billion in revenue each year for top eCommerce brands like Uniqlo, Sonos and HelloFresh, often ranking as a top-3 revenue channel in their own analytics. To find out how Wunderkind can help your business grow and drive significantly more eCommerce revenue, visit wunderkind.co.


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