Wunderkind Launches ‘Individuality Unleashed’ Podcast

Have you always wanted to get more revenue-driving insights from the industry-leading performance marketing engine? Well, now you can. Wunderkind has launched a brand new podcast, “Individuality Unleashed”, to unpack key trends and share the best marketing strategies . Each week, industry thought leaders will come on the show to help retailers scale their marketing performance and drive growth.

In season one, episode one, host and Senior Director of Marketing at Wunderkind Vern Tremble sits down with Wunderkind CRO Richard Jones to discuss disruption in the SaaS industry.  

Revenue as a Service: the next SaaS revolution

The last two decades have seen a great transformation in the way businesses deliver marketing software and services. SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, revolutionized the tech industry by replacing expensive, lifetime licenses with customer-friendly, flexible subscription models. SaaS became the standard software-delivery model as customers flocked to SaaS providers and abandoned on-premise incumbents. At the time, this was incredibly disruptive. 

According to Gartner, the SaaS industry is currently worth over $176 billion in annual revenue. But in a world where change is the only constant, the next big disruption in SaaS is already around the corner: Revenue as a Service, or RaaS. This game-changing transformation will see the disruptors becoming the disrupted. 

With over 9000+ Martech companies selling SaaS solutions, Wunderkind is currently one of a handful of companies leading the revenue as a service charge. Listen to the podcast to learn why this is so disruptive – or, as Richard says, “almost anarchic” – and how it benefits clients.

Get ready for BFCM with our Market Outlook Report

At Wunderkind, we have a laser focus on helping retailers and brands drive more revenue, and we all know that the holidays play a critical role in enabling retailers to meet their sales goals. We recently published our 2022 Marketing Outlook Report for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to help retailers understand recent changes in consumer behavior and prepare for the most important season of the year. 

You can download the report now at www.wunderkind.co or listen to the podcast as Richard provides a sneak peek into some of the key stats, like how 71% of global consumers expect retailers to deliver personalized communication. Richard also explains how brands should approach their communication strategy as customer needs evolve, why brands can’t use ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ shortcuts in their messaging, and how inflation is impacting consumer behavior.

Prime Day, an annual deal event for Amazon Prime members which took place on July 12-13, took many brands by surprise this year and left retailers scrambling to run offers. If this sounds like you, it will be extra important to ensure your brand is prepared for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM). To find out everything you need to know for the upcoming holiday season, you can find key resources to shape your BFCM strategy here.

New podcast episodes every week

Tune in every week for revenue-driving insight from thought leaders. You can catch all episodes of Individuality Unleashed’ on your preferred podcast platform, like Spotify or Apple Music. In the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing the best marketing strategies for the holidays and beyond based on exclusive Wunderkind research. Stay tuned!


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Vern Tremble

Vern is the Senior Director of External Content and Communications at Wunderkind.