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Explore the dynamic world of performance marketing with David Dweck, SVP of Paid Media at Wpromote. In this engaging video, David shares insights into his role, which involves driving innovation and leading a team of 250 individuals at an independent agency. Discover Wpromote’s mission to deliver better outcomes for their clients by being agile, nimble, and breaking industry stereotypes. Dive deep into their collaborations with top brands like Allo Yoga, HBO, and Whirlpool, focusing on driving sales, app downloads, and new customer acquisition. David sheds light on the agency’s partnership with Wunderkind, explaining how they leverage data to target specific customer groups interested in app downloads, streaming services, and athleisure. Learn how Wunderkind’s high-quality data and AI-driven approach have revolutionized Wpromote’s marketing strategies, leading to impressive results such as a 20% decrease in CPAs and increased app downloads and customer retention.

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