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2022 Consumer Insights Report

Wunderkind’s 2022 Consumer Insight Report tells you exactly how consumers plan to spend this holiday season. This exclusive report by Wunderkind highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic, and global economic and political uncertainty have impacted consumer behavior. Communication with your customer is key, as shoppers plan to spend in line with this new world order, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Download the Wunderkind Black Friday & Cyber Monday Consumer Insights Report to find out:

  • Why consumers are planning to use Buy Now, Pay Later schemes more in 2022, than 2021. 
  • How clear communication can encourage shoppers to take advantage of your offers during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday period.
  • Why brand morality is more important than ever this year, as shoppers are looking for communications about hot topics such as fair wages, sustainability, and diversity.
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