3 Triggered Email Stats All Marketers Should Know

How well does triggered email perform compared to batch-and-blast?

Despite the fact that batch-and-blast emails are still rampant, it finally seems to be common knowledge that triggered emails outperform them by a large margin. But just how large is that gap?

We dug into some of our data to find out how well triggered messaging performs for the average retailer when compared to batch-and-blast. The results were staggering:

1. Triggered Emails Drive 24x More Revenue Per Send

Batch-and-blast emails generate only about $0.04 in revenue per send for the average e-commerce retailer. Behaviorally triggered emails, on the other hand, generate $0.95 in revenue per send.

2. Engagement Metrics Are More Than Double

Wunderkind triggered emails have, on average, 2.2X open rates, 2.1X click rates and 4.1X conversion rates compared to batch-and-blast emails.

3. Triggered Emails Have Longevity

Visitors who receive triggered emails still engage with those emails sometimes months after an email has been sent. Roughly 18% to 23% of engagement happens after 24 hours from when a triggered email has been sent.

These striking statistics are due to a number of factors, but it really comes back to the fact that triggered emails are significantly more relevant to the reader. They are sent based on specific onsite actions during a recent site visit, all relating back to the shopper’s preferences and prior activity.

Batch-and-blast emails, for instance, might contain information about a sale on men’s socks, when the reader had recently been viewing women’s workout leggings. A triggered email on the other hand, might relate to a shopper’s recent product and category views, alert them of new products they actually might like or tell them when an item they were viewing is low in stock.

When put in these terms, these numbers aren’t necessarily surprising, but they’re still stark, especially when considering how many retailers still rely on batch-and-blast emails for the majority of their brand communications.


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