You Already Know Who Your Best Customers Are

But How Do You Engage (and Re-engage) Them?

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox?

Unless you’re like our CEO Ryan Urban, you likely haven’t achieved Inbox Zero. In fact, most people are inundated with more messages than they can count each day. And for retailers, this means that breaking through the noise is getting harder to do.

You’ve already figured out a lot of ways to reach new customers and maintain engagement when returning customers abandon, but how do you re-engage those hard-to-reach customers? The ones that love you but haven’t been back to the site in a while. The ones who rely on social proof or discounts to push them down the funnel.

Welcome emails and cart and browse abandonment are a great start. But in today’s ecommerce atmosphere, brands need to take it a step further, which is why Wunderkind is introducing a new feature as a part of our triggered email program: Catalogue Modules.

By monitoring any changes in products or inventory, Wunderkind is able to send three new emails that drive your customers back to site, even if they haven’t engaged in up to six months:

With these three new email modules, we’ve seen the lowest unsubscribes rates for all our clients across the board at under 0.2%. Clients already utilizing Catalogue Modules have also reported massive click-to-open rates for price drop emails, with one of customers reporting over 40% total open rate. More emails means more ways to reach your customer and prospect base with relevant content they actually care about.


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Lucy Leonard

Lucy is Wunderkind’s Content Marketing Manager. She is a fan of the em dash, a connoisseur of 140 characters, a creator of content and a lover of words. She also hates the Oxford Comma…a lot.

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