Could we be headed to a new golden age of marketing, perhaps even surpassing the infamous ‘Mad Men’ Era? Wunderkind, the leading performance marketing channel, surveyed over 100 marketing leaders at top B2C brands to get their outlook on the current state of marketing. The in-depth report “CMO State of the Union” explores how unique challenges like the pandemic, supply chain issues, and the death of the cookie have forced CMO’s to throw out their playbooks and re-assess their priorities. Download the full report here or keep reading to get a sneak peak of the findings.

Marketers Are Throwing Out the Playbook
Now is one of the toughest times for brands in recent history, and everything marketers thought they knew about marketing is off the table. But there is no shadow without light, and 94% of CMO’s look at the last two years as a turning point, paving the way for a new golden age of marketing. Going forward, the most successful marketers will be those who embrace this new era by thinking outside the box and exploring different communication channels to drive sustainable growth.

The End of Third-party Cookies Is Imminent
Most brands are heavily reliant on third-party cookies to target and engage with customers and potential customers. The loss is probably going to hurt – at least in the short term.  

Without third-party cookies, marketers will need to find new ways to make up for the revenue they will lose. As 70% of marketing leaders predict their marketing budgets will shrink in the next year, CMOs need to act now instead of relying on the likes of Google and Facebook. In the “CMO State of the Union” report, Wunderkind explores concrete strategies of how marketers can make up for this loss and build out high-performing growth channels to generate revenue like never before.

The Customer Experience Gap is Real
Does your brand offer a good customer experience? 78% of CMO’s believe they have a good customer experience strategy that creates meaningful, one-to-one interactions between their company and its consumers – but consumers say otherwise. Read the report to find out why there is a disconnect, why brands are falling short, and what you can do about it.

We Need To Mend the Broken Relationship  Between Tech and Marketing
Legacy SaaS systems are holding CMO’s back from moving forward with their marketing objectives. Many marketing leaders find themselves drowning in a sea of data and systems that don’t talk to each other. Wunderkind research explores how this has evolved, faced with the shortage in human talent and the Great Resignation, and what marketing leaders can do to leverage the synergies between tech and skilled marketers.

Download the Report To Embrace the New Golden Age of Marketing
Many marketers look at the ‘Mad Men’ era as a golden age of marketing, with timeless ad slogans, perfect pitches and 3-course martini lunches. The party was over when data, mobile and eCommerce came along, changing the role of the modern-day marketer forever. But in an industry where change is the only constant, marketing is once again having a moment.

Download the full report here to gain a deeper understanding of the current marketing landscape and how it is evolving, giving you a valuable edge to inform your future marketing, product and communication strategies.


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