Email & Text Marketing Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

In 2021, Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day of the year, netting $10.7b in sales revenue. As we look ahead to the upcoming holiday season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2022 will be a crucial time for brands and retailers looking to boost revenue. It’s a huge opportunity to win over new customers and drive sales, but competition is also fierce, with retailers vying for customers’ attention – and wallets. 

Wondering how to help your brand stand out during the holiday period and reach your sales targets for BFCM?  Learn how Wunderkind can help you use email and text marketing to drive unprecedented performance during the most important time of the year.

The Power of Email Marketing During BFCM

We all know owned channels are key revenue drivers for brands, especially as the prices of paid channels like social media and display advertising continue to soar. Email marketing campaigns are a powerful way to move the needle during the holiday period.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your email campaigns at any time, but particularly for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 

1. Increase the reach of your email campaigns.

To maximize the profitability of email marketing, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, marketers need to increase the number of people in their email base. If your subscribers list is small, you will struggle to meet your eCommerce goals, even if your messaging is spot-on and the conversion rates are good. This is where Wunderkind’s identification technology comes in. We help you recognize the traffic you should know and get opt-ins from the traffic you don’t, so you can treat your customers like individuals by delivering truly personalized communications. 

Over 500 leading retailers such as Forever 21, Uniqlo, Samsonite, and Sonos trust Wunderkind to grow their lists and recognize users better than ever before, allowing them to deliver high-converting, one-to-one messages on websites, through emails, and texts.

2. Engage your customers in the right way, at the right time.

Email is a profitable channel, but having the right messaging, timing and value proposition is essential. An average email drives only $0.04 in revenue compared to $0.95 from Wunderkind. What’s the difference? Personalized communication is triggered by real-time user behavior.

Consumers these days expect to be contacted when it suits them, in ways that are relevant to them. “Spray and pray” – blasting out the same message to everyone in your database – is not a good strategy. Not only is it inefficient from a conversion perspective, but irrelevant, overly frequent messaging can result in frustrated customers. 

Wunderkinds helps brands send more triggered emails to customers automatically, at moments in the shopping journey that indicate that they are open to brand interaction. For instance, let’s say their favorite product came back into stock, or a product they previously viewed went on sale. Emails triggered by user behavior drive 24x the revenue per spend. Your brand can drive more revenue during BFCM by reaching and engaging your customers with items that are on sale that they have already shown interest in.

Bring in Text Message Marketing.

Prioritizing your email campaigns is a great first step. But have you thought about adopting text marketing and how to optimize results by using email and text together? 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received, making text a valuable way for brands to interact with prospects and customers. Shopping habits have become more mobile-centric, as shown by the fact that 44% of Black Friday purchases were on a smartphone last year, showing a significant increase from the year before. 

Text marketing is an exciting opportunity for marketers to interact with a highly-engaged customer base. You reach customers directly where they are most likely to convert – their smartphone. That said, the right strategy is key so that you don’t irritate customers with too many messages or compete against your existing email marketing campaigns. This is where Wunderkind comes in.

Leveraging the Combined Power of Email and Text Marketing

Wunderkind scales revenue across channels, finding the right balance between email and text message marketing to maximize performance, holistically. We drive an additional $1.2 billion in revenue each year for the world’s top brands.

As marketers seek to drive more performance from their owned channels, they are starting to wise up to the powerful effect of combining email and text marketing together. Here, finding the right partner to execute your email and text marketing strategy in a holistic way is key. Many service providers just move revenue from one channel to another, which means as your text marketing program grows, your results from email marketing will diminish. Wunderkind is the leading channel-agnostic partner who can help you scale opt-ins and performance for text and email, together. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of top brands that have partnered with us to increase their revenue with email and text marketing.

Email and Text Marketing Example: Case-Mate

Case-Mate, the design leader of durable, stylish cases for your phone, watch bands, and Airpods, was looking to diversify its customer acquisition efforts beyond email. By partnering with Wunderkind, the brand implemented a highly successful text and email marketing program, with text alone driving 12% of their digital revenue and email and text combined driving 19% of their total digital revenue.

Email and Text Marketing Example: Corkcicle

Corkcicle, a Florida-based company that offers products to keep drinks cold or hot on the go, had experienced great results with Wunderkind triggered emails. To build on this success, the brand decided to invest more into its owned channels and decided to adopt text as well. They experienced great returns almost immediately, driving over 20% of total digital revenue through text and email marketing combined, with 8.3% coming from text and 12.7% from email.

Ready to have the best Black Friday Cyber Monday season ever?

Last year during Cyber Week, Wunderkind generated $2.3 billion in revenue with email and text marketing. Wunderkind enables brands like yours to convert more customers through the channels that they own, at a scale, without relying on paid media. Grab our free eBook or book a demo to find out how email and text with Wunderkind can help you drive unprecedented eCommerce revenue in the upcoming BFCM holiday season.


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