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Wunderkind Drives 5.5X Increase in Revenue for Clarks


of total digital revenue from triggered email


paid channel in Google Analytics


increase in triggered email revenue


I’m skeptical whenever a vendor promises double-digit growth, but Wunderkind has delivered on that for our email channel and more. They’ve exceeded our expectations in terms of both the initial and ongoing opportunities that this channel now delivers for us.”


Clarks had built a robust abandonment solution in an effort to further enhance their email program. However, performance was limited by an inability to effectively recognize when visitors were already in their CRM—so even though there was a significant percentage of traffic that they should have been able to trigger a high-value email to, they couldn’t. Clarks knew that if they could increase the reach of those emails, they could recover more revenue while providing an improved cross-channel experience to their customers.


As soon as the month after launch, Clarks was able to deanonymize 32% of their site traffic using Wunderkind’s identity network and hands-on expertise. Compared to their previous solution, the increased triggered email reach brought 12x more visitors back to continue shopping, and the resulting 5.5x revenue growth of their abandonment emails translated into nearly 5% of Clarks’ top-line digital revenue.


This growth came profitably, with Wunderkind outperforming Clarks’ ROAS goal by more than 3x. This allowed the retailer to expand to additional channel offerings like web push notifications, diversifying their channel mix. Today, Wunderkind’s complete program represents 11.34% of Clarks’ total digital revenue.