D’Artagnan | case study

D’Artagnan Sees Significant Returns with Wunderkind Triggered Email & SMS


revenue attributed to Wunderkind


results better than expected


increase in subscription rate


I knew that we could increase not only our capture rate and build our customer file, but also get more out of our automations as well. So the partnership was logical. And I knew that the value was there from the Wunderkind platform”


The online premium food market is a longer and more complex purchasing journey than most verticals. D’Artagnan has worked with other solution providers, but they weren’t moving the needed. The needed to be able to identify website traffic and trigger contextually relevant and personalized emails.


Identifying anonymous website visitors would be key. Wunderkind’s identity network recognized more of D’Artagnan’s new and returning website traffic and empowered them to gather data points and build customer files. Leveraging this newly acquired data they could trigger personalized email based on customer actions.


D’Artaganan were able to meet the customer where they are, whether bny email or SMS. With Wunderkind’s triggered messages based on customer intent, D’Artagnan’s messaging boasted high open, click-through and conversion rates. But the numbers that really mattered were results 4x better than originally anticipated and 60% of revenue attribute to Wunderkind messages.