Wunderkind drives 10x increase in one-to-one email performance for women’s healthcare company Elvie

Founded in the UK in 2013, Elvie identified the need for female-first products in an industry that had been historically led by men. Elvie addressed these gaps with two products tailored to meet specific needs: breastfeeding and pelvic floor training. Women were at the center of the mission for Elvie, revolutionizing fem-tech.


increase in triggered email performance with Wunderkind


better list growth performance than the goal at launch


return on ad spend with Wunderkind


Women’s healthcare and fem-tech


Build owned channels and grow first-party data

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List Growth
Triggered Email

For me, knowing what ongoing engagement can do for your brand, the focus on first-party data is key. We're expecting roughly 71% more leads using Wunderkind for list growth and we're over halfway to hitting that number after five months. In terms of revenue, we’re already outperforming the initial estimate.

Victoria Harvey, Senior Global CRM Manager

The Challenge

As the digital space changed, Elvie felt they could no longer rely on their paid-performance marketing. They wanted the ability to build their owned channels and grow first-party data. “From a brand perspective, we needed to be less reliant on paid performance marketing and instead build a community in our owned channels,” said Roselle Forman, Global Brand Manager of Elvie.

The Solution

Before Wunderkind, Elvie was using technology that could identify new users and bring them back to the site, but it wasn’t delivering the performance the team needed. They needed a provider who could seamlessly integrate with their tech stack, and amplify their first-party data collection efforts. When recalling their onboarding process, Victoria Harvey, Senior Global CRM Manager, said that, “From day one, Wunderkind took complete control and did all the heavy lifting. Even in our first month, we saw results far higher than expected.”

The Results

Wunderkind helped Elvie build its first-party data, grow its lists, and build customer loyalty. Wunderkind ranked as the brand’s #3 performance marketing channel in Google Analytics and helped them achieve 23% better list growth performance than the initial goal at launch.

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