Glue Store | case study

Glue Store partners with Wunderkind to drive 400% increase in on-site identification


return on investment with Wunderkind


increase in site sessions identified down to an email address


lift in email performance over previous solution


Loyalty and customer lifetime value are key priorities for us at Glue Store – so a critical objective this year has been to grow our first-party, owned audiences, and then to nurture those customers through personalised, 1:1 messaging. Wunderkind has enabled us to significantly scale these efforts by filling in the missing piece of the puzzle in identifying and capturing non-logged-in website traffic. We’re now identifying 1 in 4 web sessions vs. 1 in 20 prior to the partnership – and the impact on owned channel revenue has been fantastic.”


Given the rising cost of new customer acquisition, Glue Store was keen to improve its marketing efficiency by doubling down on loyalty and retention initiatives. To do this, it needed to maximize its capture of paid media traffic, and then ensure those visitors were nurtured and re-engaged via 1:1, personalized email messages. A crucial part of this process was being able to identify a greater proportion of anonymous (non-logged-in) website visitors, so the brand partnered with Wunderkind to unlock this scale.


By partnering with Wunderkind, Glue Store was able to grow its on-site identification capabilities significantly, while also capturing a higher proportion of opted-in new customers to add to its CRM database. Wunderkind’s triggered email programs, which include category, cart and product abandonment triggers, have helped drive a 9.9x ROAS for the retailer.


Glue Store has seen a drastic lift in its on-site identification rate with Wunderkind, representing a 400% increase in users identified down to an email address. This has resulted in a 2.3x email conversion rate increase vs. Glue Store’s ESP working in isolation. Overall, this has led to an almost ten-fold return on investment.