HOMAGE | case study

Wunderkind’s Performance Marketing Engine Drives Massive Revenue Lift for HOMAGE


increase in revenue in the first month


increase in triggered email conversions in first month


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind


For nearly 15 years, Columbus, Ohio based vintage apparel company HOMAGE has disrupted the $300 billion retail industry by providing clothing that tells stories of triumph, individualism, and hustle—simultaneously preserving the old school and creating new legacies. As HOMAGE began to scale their online marketing efforts, however, they were noticing a common issue for retailers. While bringing in site traffic wasn’t a problem, they were having issues appropriately identifying anyone who was visiting. “The emails we were sending to our customer base were great for highlighting our product suite, but we weren’t able to use them to craft messages that spoke to each individual customer,” said Steve Werman, CFO at HOMAGE. This lack of personalization meant that the company was having trouble getting their customer base to convert onsite. This ultimately affected their sales and hurt their bottom line. Werman knew that a different solution needed to be implemented, and fast.


With onsite identification, personalization, and a lift in conversions acting as the North Star for HOMAGE’s onsite marketing efforts, they began looking for a vendor that could help them achieve their goals. “At the beginning of last year, we were able to send triggered emails to less than 5% of our total audience,” said Werman. “We’re a very lean team. We knew that this was an area we could fix with better identification, especially for our abandoned cart emails, but we didn’t always have the internal resources available to get the programs off the ground.” HOMAGE eventually turned to Wunderkind to help them power their onsite and triggered email marketing efforts.


Within the first month of running with Wunderkind, HOMAGE was able to drastically increase their onsite customer identification. This helped the retail vendor create one-to-one email personalization and, ultimately, drive a 3.4x increase in revenue from their triggered email efforts. This revenue increase was the direct result of a conversion rate with Wunderkind that was more than three times higher than HOMAGE’s previous solution. From creative design to campaign performance, they’re really able to help us put our best foot forward every time.”