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J.McLaughlin drives 16.31% digital revenue through Wunderkind

Founded in 1977, American fashion brand J.McLaughlin combines classic clothes with current relevance and a retail environment with a neighborhood feel. With a relatively lean internal marketing team, they sought to scale their triggered email and text reach.


paid channel in Google Analytics


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind


of Wunderkind-driven revenue of accounted catalog modules




Need to increase online conversions

Wunderkind Products

Email, Text, Catalog

“Looking back at the initial benchmark, we’ve far exceeded what we set out to do. Email capture was at the core at the beginning, but the development of SMS in triggered campaigns speaks to what Wunderkind can do. We found that being a small in-house team wasn’t a limitation in our partnership, as we were guided by their expertise.”

Elizabeth Pilkington, VP of E-commerce


Historically, J.McLaughlin focused on its brick-and-mortar stores and its online experience. They wanted to shift their focus to increasing online conversions, while also being true to their brand and loyal customers. They needed a partner who was well-versed in growing first-party data and activating it through personalized storytelling and one-to-one messaging.


With Wunderkind, J.McLaughlin was able to reach its customers at scale and engage them with one-to-one messaging focused on acquisition. They connected with loyal customers by creating relevant onsite experiences that helped to better identify customers and grow their reach through text and email.

J.McLaughlin took full advantage of their product feed and turned it into another revenue stream by using Wunderkind’s catalog modules. The modules informed loyal customers when items were low in stock, prices dropped, or items came back in stock. J. McLaughlin is now able to sustain personal brand-to-customer communications.


J.McLaughlin’s email conversion is now 3-4x better than that of their batch and blast, with a low opt-out rate on text. Through leveraging their first-party data, a quarter of their revenue has been driven by email and text catalog modules. “The service at Wunderkind is the best I’ve seen across our tech stack. The customer segmentation capabilities add a huge amount of value,” says Elizabeth Pilkington, VP of E-commerce.

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