Italian Footwear Brand Koio Drives 14.5x ROAS with help of Catalog Modules

Koio unites modern design, sustainable Italian craftsmanship, and unparalleled comfort, to create luxurious footwear for every day.

Koio sought to acquire first-party data, which they began doing themselves with some success. However, they decided to use Wunderkind to reach the velocity and pace they needed.


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Koio sought speed and velocity for their first-party data capture

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It was night and day when we signed on with Wunderkind and turned it on for the first time. We had this epiphany: why haven’t we been doing this, for months, even years?

Joe Anhalt, VP of Marketing, Koio

The Challenge

Koio chose Wunderkind because they deemed it to be a best-in-class performance marketing solution. As soon as they turned on both Wunderkind email and text, they unlocked an enormous amount of revenue. Curious to ensure they had the right solution, they decided to test out Attentive for their text subscriber list, however, they found that the systems weren’t speaking to each other, and their text subscribers and revenue dropped.

The Solution

Koio found that having email and text under the same roof ensured they could grow the list that was driving revenue, achieving 14.5x ROAS with Wunderkind. After realizing their list growth was slowing with Attentive, they moved back to Wunderkind. Joe Anhalt, VP of Marketing at Koio said, “What we found is you really need to hit those potential customers with email and SMS acquisition under one roof because that builds the list that drives the growth. After Attentive, we sprinted back to Wunderkind as quickly as we could. It’s been great. We’re seeing our subscriptions and revenue go back up because we’re able to build those lists quicker.”

The Results

Koio has unlocked more revenue by keeping both email and text under Wunderkind. They drove 16.7% of revenue through Wunderkind, ranking as their #2 paid channel.

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