Kurt Geiger | case study

Kurt Geiger Explores 'Build v Buy', Wunderkind Smashes In-House Email Marketing Solution


increase in conversions from basket abandonment emails


lift in data volume and data quality with Wunderkind, which was 111% better than typical ESP solution


Wunderkind doubled email acquisition to over 10k per week


What surprised me is how fast they beat our ROI model. So rapidly, it was evident that Wunderkind's campaigns were delivering far in excess of the revenues that we had delivered on our own solution. Their ROI model pays for itself, but the additional efficiency and value they deliver on top of guaranteed revenue makes my marketing go much further.”


Kurt Geiger has successfully implemented Wunderkind on it’s UK based flagship website with great results.  But as it looked to add performance marketing capabilities to its other brands and regions, it decided to build a solution replicating Wunderkind’s tactics. It was trying to increase cart and category browse abandon messaging as well as increase acquisition of unknown traffic opt-ins.


They had access to best-in-breed engineering talent and invested in the needed development costs over several months to build and implement.  They also had the luxury of having Wunderkind on their flagship site so they felt they could replicate the triggers, cadences and creative that Wunderkind was delivering.  Their team knew they didn’t have the breadth of data or scale of Wunderkind’s identity graph, but they felt confident they could get close to a similar solution.


Their in-house solution did create lift in conversions over the out-of-the-box abandoned cart and browse solutions offered from ESPs and CRMs directly, but it did not come close to the results Wunderkind was delivering on the flagship site. The decision to implement Wunderkind across the additional sites led to a 151% increase in conversions over their own solution, as well as doubled weekly opt-ins to over 10k per week. Furthermore, the quality of consumer data collected also spiked significantly.  It was agreed that Wunderkind’s data, AI engine, identity graph and service – rooted in years of best practice experience – was exceeding expectations and the best long term solution.