Natori | case study

Wunderkind enables an NYC-based fashion label to ditch third-party cookies


highest paid channel at driving conversions


of total digital revenue from triggered email and Text


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind Catalog


Adding Wunderkind to our marketing stack is one of the most influential decisions in the history of our website. We were amazed by the ROAS we saw when we launched, and remain even more amazed that we have maintained that ROAS years later.”


Natori wanted to target and engage customers to drive revenue without relying on third-party cookie technology. The high-end women’s apparel brand also needed to figure out how to market its products that had unique inventory changes. The intense rebranding process also meant that time and resources were stretched.



At Wunderkind, we were confident we could help Natori meet its goals, even during the fast-paced rebranding process. Wunderkind handled the technical and design side to execute on-brand triggered email campaigns, immediately driving sales and revenue for Natori. Wunderkind’s Catalog email modules enabled the brand to effectively communicate with customers about changes in inventory, such as driving sales for back-in-stock items. On the back of the impressive ROAS Wunderkind helped Natori to generate via its email campaigns, Natori decided to implement Wunderkind’s Text solution. Abandonment and on-demand texts enabled the brand to elevate its overall eCommerce performance.




Wunderkind’s expertise in capturing first-party data enabled the brand to truly take charge of its owned channels and use those to drive revenue, instead of relying on third-party cookies. With both text and email under the Wunderkind umbrella, Natori can now apply a truly holistic approach to its one-to-one messaging strategy.

Natori appreciated Wunderkind’s full-service model which made it straightforward to design and run impactful campaigns. Wunderkind became the #2 highest paid channel in terms of driving conversions, and Wunderkind’s triggered email and texts generated 14% of the brand’s overall total digital revenue, according to the Natori’s own analytics.