Pamela Love | case study

Wunderkind drives storytelling at scale to reach ambitious BFCM goals for Pamela Love


best channel for driving conversions




of total revenue driven by Wunderkind


Wunderkind was able to scale our brand across our emails and text messages, this was crucial during Black Friday Cyber Monday because it gave us room to focus on other important priorities! ”


Founded in Brooklyn in 2007, Pamela Love aspired to nurture a deep relationship with its customers and empower them with unique pieces of jewelry inspired by travel, astrology and folklore. However, the brand’s tech stack was letting them down and preventing them from effectively retaining customers. Relying on their ESP as a CRM with email automation was not performing well and was holding them back from engaging with their customers in a personalized way at scale.



Pamela Love turned to Wunderkind’s email and Text solutions to create, optimize and automate its messaging. With personalized communication at scale, the jewelry brand was able to engage and retain customers far more effectively. The brand had ambitious goals for BFCM, explicitly focusing on growing its text and email channels. Wunderkind was able to update all creatives ahead of the holidays and make storytelling at scale a reality for Pamela Love, resulting in significant eCommerce growth.

With the rising costs of advertising, Pamela Love also needed to ensure they could identify website visitors from paid channels and retarget them via email and Text. Using Wunderkind, they could understand the email capture and conversion rates across all their paid channels and determine where to invest their advertising dollars going forward.

The brand’s Digital Marketing Manager, Miguel Insignares, shared, “Wunderkind helped us better understand which traditional digital advertising channels our most valuable customers are coming from through the analysis of email and text submission and conversion rates.



Wunderkind drove significant business results for the jewelry brand, becoming the strongest channel in terms of driving conversions. The brand saw a 17X return on their investment in Wunderkind, and Wunderkind drove 17.16% of the brand’s total revenue.