Retail Fashion Brand | case study

Leading Footwear Brand Utilizes WunderKIND Ads


Performance lift for A25-54 target


Lift in consideration



The Challenge

The brand wanted to reach the incremental A25-54 users online with impactful messaging and a variety of new products to drive a lift in awareness and consideration.

The Solution

Wunderkind designed eye catching, shoppable creative concepts in multiple high impact ad sizes to run across exclusive WunderKIND Ads inventory. Delivery was limited to a subsection of contextually relevant sites, with additional 3rd party data segments layered on to pinpoint key audience groups.

Creative Strategy:
As added value, the Wunderkind in-house design team used existing standard assets to build male and female targeted concepts displaying multiple products, key brand messaging and a strong call to action.

  • Product Carousel: a product carousel functionality was embedded in the ad alongside the brand logo, copy, and a strong call to action. The functionality allowed for 15 best selling items to be displayed to users automatically, with users having the option to interact and scroll.

Targeting Strategy:
Wunderkind implemented a combination of contextually aligned, brand safe sites with a granular, data focused approach to ensure key users were reached in relevant environments.

  • Contextual Targeting via Site List: non-news site list
    focusing on top scaling, top performing sites like Sports
    Illustrated, Reader’s Digest and Horoscope.
  • Audience Targeting: 3rd party data segments targeting
    users who have shown interest in, or purchased, luxury
    clothing in the past