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Wunderkind drives 13X ROAS for classic American clothing brand Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers is an American clothing brand founded by Jack Carlson. As a young brand with a lean team, they turned to Wunderkind to maximize their email marketing performance. By working seamlessly alongside Klaviyo, the existing email service provider, Wunderkind was able to optimize the brand’s email marketing program and provide a holistic view of how Rowing Blazers uses email to engage with customers.


Increase in email revenue in the first three months


Return on Wunderkind spend in the first three months


Of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind


Quality clothing blending timeless aesthetics with humor and a hint of irony


Maximizing email performance as a young brand with a small team

Wunderkind Products

Klaviyo Sender integration

Using the Wunderkind & Klaviyo sender integration was a seamless plug-and-play experience. Seeing all of our email data in one place has been super helpful. It has given us a holistic view of how we communicate to our customers via email and demonstrated the genuine impact the Wunderkind program has had on our email channel through strong list and revenue growth.

Alexis Wise, Director of eCommerce


Rowing Blazers was a newer brand with a lean team, initially, with no dedicated email marketing team. They had a triggered email program in place, but it was not as effective as they would have liked. As a result, they knew they needed to find a way to maximize the potential of their email channel in order to drive tangible business growth for the company.


Rowing Blazers partnered with Wunderkind to optimize and grow its email marketing program with advanced identification capabilities and one-to-one messaging at scale.

Wunderkind’s email best practices and expertise enabled the brand to fully leverage the channel and drive significant growth quickly, without the need for extensive internal resources. The level of partnership and communication made the Rowing Blazers team feel like Wunderkind was an extension of their team.

Wunderkind is a seamless and complementary partner with Klaviyo, the brand’s existing email service provider, providing one source of truth for send and performance data. As a result, this allows for added control over the complete customer experience between in-house marketing emails and Wunderkind triggered emails ensuring both programs are cohesive and maximizing value.


Rowing Blazers achieved significant growth from the very beginning thanks to Wunderkind. In the first three months, the brand saw a 2.3X increase in email revenue from the powerful campaigns that Wunderkind set up. The brand’s investment quickly paid for itself, with Rowing Blazers experiencing a 13.7X return on Wunderkind spend in the first three months. According to the brand’s own analytics, Wunderkind now makes up 6.4% of its total digital revenue.

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