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SeaWorld Increases Bookings by 5x with Wunderkind


of total digital revenue


paid channel across all parks


lift across all parks


A prominent global theme park initially questioned Wunderkind’s potential impact on ticket sales, hesitating to fully embrace its capabilities and doubting its incremental value within their operations.


However, after witnessing tangible incrementality from Wunderkind, the theme park swiftly expanded its implementation across all geographical locations and theme parks under its umbrella. This comprehensive rollout aimed to leverage Wunderkind’s prowess in enhancing direct bookings while optimizing the booking curve.


The outcome was transformative. By embracing Wunderkind across all of their theme parks and regions, the park experienced a notable surge in direct bookings. Wunderkind significantly optimized the booking curve, reducing the time it took users to plan and make bookings on their site. This success story underscores the theme park’s transition from initial skepticism to whole-hearted adoption, resulting in substantial enhancements in direct bookings and streamlining the customer booking journey across their theme park offerings.