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True Botanicals Sees 122% Lift After Leaving Attentive, Consolidates Email And Text With Wunderkind


Lift in text revenue when moved from Attentive to Wunderkind


Lift in revenue with Wunderkind Email + Text solutions


Total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind


With Wunderkind we immediately saw a 122% lift in SMS revenue, which is huge. Learn from our experience, I would recommend just going with Wunderkind. They have always blown past our ROI targets on our investment. ”


True Botanicals needed a few things from their partnership with Wunderkind. They needed more email and text opt-ins from site traffic to offset third party-tactics that will vanish with the death of the cookie. They also knew they could get more revenue from the text channel beyond what Attentive was providing. In addition, they wanted to unify customer profiles and streamline the user experience between email and text channel messaging while driving more revenue with less lift on their team. After trying to produce these results on their own, they decided to deepen the partnership with Wunderkind.


It was clear the Wunderkind Identity Network’s profile data could be used to create bespoke opt-in offers and increase those opt-ins over their own solution. Consolidating email and text messaging with Wunderkind would unify customer profiles and create more opportunities to send better, more intelligent offers via messaging. Wunderkind’s AI capabilities were able to make better decisions for messaging volume and cadence while freeing up the True Botanicals team for more human tasks.


Well immediately upon activating Wunderkind for text, that channel’s revenue skyrocketed by 122% over the Attentive solution. They also saw a 2.4x lift in email revenue over their in-house solution. The Wunderkind Identity Network did indeed increase the ability to recognize a significant amount of unknown traffic and serve up bespoke offers to convert more of that traffic into marketable contacts. By consolidating both email and text, and adding the acquisition strategy, all with Wunderkind, True Botanicals saw revenue increases across all channels, streamlined the user experience, freed up their internal teams for other tasks and enjoy 10% of they total digital revenue being based on these decisions. Molly Delp sums it up perfectly with, “Wunderkind has always blown past our ROI targets on our investment, so it’s never been a difficult conversation about their ROI”.