Building a RevenueDriving, End-to-End Marketing Solution for UNIQLO

Japanese casual wear designer and retailer, UNIQLO, partnered with Wunderkind to boost their identification rate to 45% of site traffic, increasing their traffic from abandonment emails by 13x and resulting in 9.4x more revenue from triggered email.


increase in triggered email revenue


increase in traffic from abandonment email


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind


Apparel - Mass Market


Onsite Identification

Wunderkind Products

Triggered Email

Wunderkind has had a remarkable impact on our business; they’ve allowed us to identify a lot more traffic on our site, which has led to increased triggered email revenue and better one-to-one messaging to all of our customers. The return truly speaks for itself.

Nicolas Cessot, Head of U.S Brand & Product Marketing


Since opening their first store in Japan in 1984, UNIQLO has been providing simple, well-designed clothes to customers around the globe. With a large international following, UNIQLO relies on its digital channels to communicate with audiences and drive revenue, especially in those countries where they don’t have a brick-and-mortar presence. UNIQLO’s marketing team found itself at a crossroads when they realized their email service provider’s built-in triggered email tool wasn’t providing the results they needed. They wanted to build a more in-depth marketing strategy, send higher-converting triggered emails, and recognize more shoppers across devices.

But with their existing provider, they were identifying less than 15% of site abandoners, and their marketing campaigns were disjointed across channels, influenced by too many disparate vendors.


Using Wunderkind’s identity network and hands-on expertise, UNIQLO was able to deanonymize 45% of their site traffic, increasing triggered email reach by 13x and revenue by 9.4x. Only one month after launch, Wunderkind was contributing 4.46% of total digital revenue. Today, Wunderkind drives 7.8% of total digital revenue for UNIQLO.


Early successes led UNIQLO to expand to other revenue driving Wunderkind products, and Catalog Modules was a natural fit. An early adopter of Catalog Modules, UNIQLO is able to send emails generated from changes in their product feed, like low inventory levels, restocking events, and price changes. This new product drove another 30% lift in UNIQLO’s triggered email revenue.

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