Wolverine Worldwide | Retail

Wolverine Worldwide Increases Revenue by 15-20% with Wunderkind’s Performance Marketing Tools


increase in total revenue


increase in volume of website abandonment emails


years of delighting consumers


When we are able to drive traffic to our site, knowing who that consumer is so we can drive that personalized experience is really important, and Wunderkind really allows us to do that.”


Wolverine Worldwide had no way of identifying website traffic. If a user exited their site without converting on first visit, the opportunity was lost forever without the tools to either deanonymize that traffic or re-engage.


Wunderkind’s identity network recognized more of Wolverine Worldwide’s anonymous website traffic and gave them the ability to scale-up the amount of abandoned cart emails they could send.


With Wunderkind, the brand is able to send 300% more abandonment emails, and because they have identified who the customer is they can send personalized offers and discounts. This strategy has resulted in a huge 15-20% uptick in revenue.